Naija Sugar Mummy Reloaded

Welcome to Naija Sugar Mummy Reloaded. We are set to bring you a completely discreet dating service. With years of offering this service, we have learnt that our women clients don’t only need privacy but also need to be completely anonymous.

From now onwards, we shall keep you completely discreet in searching for that guy of your dreams, that is why we have decided to introduce the most effective way of being completely anonymous both in communicating with you and collecting payments, by introducing our payment method in Bitcoins, and you might want to take it a step further by using an encrypted Email service and we recommend using or signing up your email with: Proton Mail

As a SugarMummy, all you have to do is to send us a message and we shall get back to you within 48hrs. Once contact is established, and all requirement requested for can be met by us, that is when you as a Sugar Mummy can proceed in payment for the service in Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency we accept on our platform. If you do not know how to buy or get your bitcoins, please Google it or read here for a guide. We only accept Bitcoins or other Cryptocurrencies to protect your identity so there is no way for us to know whom you are.

We also considered various factors before we decided to use this new process of doing business with us. As you may know, there are a lot of other websites and pages who offer the service only to not deliver to the prospective Sugar Boy/Gigolo or for situations to arise whereby the identity of the Sugar Mum might be compromised by the website. In furtherance to this, we have decided not to collect any fees or commissions from our male or gigolo members in order not to be committed or bound to give out information about the Sugar Mummy or handle the initial meetings, the only fee required is the fee for searching for a Sugar boy/Gigolo for our Sugar Mummy clients and you can find out how the process works by clicking here