Cryptocurrency Mining Guide

How to start Trading and Mining Cryptocurrencies:

You might be looking for an extra way of making money… don’t we all? Anyways, i will like to tell you that you do not have to stress yourself making that extra income, you can explore the world of trading or mining in Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or others and that is what i am going to be teaching you today for free! You do not have to pay any money to learn how to do this. The only money you may want to spend is if you do not have the time claiming these currencies or getting them for free from these websites, and you just want to pay for a mining fee directly to a miner website, for them to mine on your behalf, but i tell you, it is not necessary unless you need fast results.

The first step is to open a Coinpot account, register with your email address and confirm the link they automatically send to you. Once you have done that, login into your account dashboard to see the types of coins you can get, then with your email address, make sure its the same email you used to sign up for your Coinpot account before proceeding to register to claim free coins. In short, just follow these few steps:

  • Register on Coinpot by clicking this link:
  • Then after confirmation, log into your dashboard to see you coin balance.
  • Register on these three other websites:

Make sure to use the same Email address you used to register for Coinpot for these websites, if not the coins will not reflect in your account. You can start claiming your coins until you grow it to a substantial amount in which you can withdraw to your wallets or deposit it to your Eobot account where you can exchange it and boost up your mining speed. You can watch the video below and follow the steps there.


Once you have gotten substantial amount of coins from those websites as explained in the video above, you can easily exchange the currencies, deposit them or even sell them for your local currency. However in the second part of that video, i will show you how to deposit all the coins you have mined and exchange them for mining speed in your Eobot mining account so you have the option to mine various types of cryptocurrencies. You can register for your Eobot account on the link below: